Ipe and Maple Wooden Hand Plane – “Mini-Jack” Model


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This is our “Mini-Jack” model. A small jack of all trades plane for smoothing, jointing, and thicknessing. An all around shop performer.

This hand crafted smoothing plane is constructed out of Ipe and Hard Maple. The dimensions are 10″ x 2 1/2 (ten inches long, two-and-a-half inches wide, about 3 inches tall ). It has a Norris Type adjuster, an Ipe cross pin, an Ipe and Maple Blade blade cap, and a 1 5/8″ Veritas PM-V11 blade which is among the finest tool steel currently available.  The Norris-Type adjuster is “slow” type and controls both depth and lateral adjustment. This plane has been finished with boiled linseed oil and past wax.

This is a premium quality plane that is an all around performer. It was built for the person who only owns one plane.  It’s medium size and set up means it can be used to dimension rough lumber, jointing, or for fine finishing work.

This plane has been used and tested by its maker to assure that it performs as intended. The blade will come fully sharpened, honed. This plane will be ready to use immediately and detailed instructions will be provided. This plane will require no tuning or set up.  It is complete and ready to ship.

Shipping is included in the price and will come priorty US mail unless other arrangements are made. Shipping outside  the continental United States or to Canada may result in additional shipping charges. Local pickup is available in the Central New York area.


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